Kebnekajse artist

Kebnekajse takes Swedish folk rock to new heights. Kebnekajse widens views and lets the folk music tone find new forms, free from any tightly held reins. - “We want to give the folk music new feet. From the vast cannon of ancient Swedish folk songs we wanted to highlight songs that stand out, rare songs that leave room for improvisation and debauchery in the spirit of the psychedelic ’70s". During the 1970s Kebnekajse was known as Sweden’s "highest band". Pioneering and leading among the Swedish instrumental psych/progressive groups. They electrified the folk music and shrugged off the knee-tassel. Instead the hippie-hair flew high on numerous music festivals. They made six albums from their inception from 1971 to 1978, after which they split up. Kebnekajse reunited during the summer of 2001 and in the early spring 2009 they released their critically acclaimed comeback album 'Kebnekajse' with pure Swedish folk songs. After this the band has toured widely, and thus in 2011 Sweden’s hardest folk musicians widens the sound with psychedelic folk rock on the follow up album 'Idioten' (The Fool). Their latest album is called 'Aventure'.