Curitiba Train SinglePurchased

Curitiba Train (Curitiba-Paranaguá) All aboard the Trem da Serra do Mar Paranaense! Gliding majestically through the city, humming with energy and excitement, the train is like some great metal beast flexing its muscles, eager to get out on the plain. Leaving the city behind and picking up speed, we pass Piraquara, racing across the plateau towards the mountains. Farms and homesteads whistle past and soon lush rainforest is all around us. Traveling in luxurious comfort we pass through a landscape of breathtaking vistas, seemingly floating through the air as we cross the Ponte São João, high above the valley. As the champagne is poured the journey continues, over the mountains, through tunnels and greenery, ever toward the sea.
1. Curitiba Train 00:04:05
Main artist Ìxtahuele
Composer Mattias Uneback
Publishers Psychedelic Sorcery Music