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Stellar new electric instrumental folk rock. Skenet are four young musicians who grew up in rural Sweden and started to play the violin together when they were just 6-7 years old. Skenet stands for the renewal of the genre folk rock and take it to places it hasn't been. New and truly exciting directions with electric guitars, Mellotrons amongst other instrumentation. Two of the members, Lena and Staffan, is also National Musicians on fiddle. and have previously worked with bands like Dungen. Now they present their own musical visions. The majority of the songs are original compositions that has their origin in Swedish folk music, but are dressed in a new suit. When they formed Skenet, they wanted to make use of the knowledge and security they have in folk music but playing it their own way. The majority of the songs on the album are written by Lena and Staffan Jonsson, but the arrangements where worked out jointly. "That it is instrumental, and that the violin is our melody voice feels quite obvious given that we come from the Swedish folk music world," says Lena Jonsson of Skenet.
1. Allting rullar 00:04:25
Main artist Skenet
Composer Lars Staffan Jonsson | Lena Alida Jonsson
Arrangers Lena Alida Jonsson | Niklas Bertilsson | Lars Staffan Jonsson | Johan Mörk
Publishers Psychedelic Sorcery Music