Happy Holidays with the Exotic Sounds of Ìxtahuele SinglePurchased

Lush and exciting, rich and vibrant, the Exotic Sounds of ÌXTAHUELE are back with a special Christmas release. Guiding your mind's eye over oceans and mountains, through jungle and desert, teasing and enticing your ears with layered soundscapes and catchy melodies, you'll find yourself whistling along on a winding mountain road, stalking through the rainforest, or humming lazily on a tropical beach. The tracks are all classic Christmas songs given an exotic tropical lounge feel that will make the holidays extra special. This is music to lounge by the Christmas tree to, this is music for armchair traveling on a cold snowy night, and it's the perfect soundtrack for a quiet drink with a lover, friend or family. Sophisticated and savage, it's exotica for the modern age!
1. When You Wish Upon A Star 00:02:59 1.00 USD
Main artist Ìxtahuele
Composer Leigh Harline
Author Ned Washington
Arrangers Mattias Uneback
Publishers Bourne Co. Music Publishers
2. White Christmas 00:02:29 1.00 USD
Main artist Ìxtahuele
Composer Irving Berlin
Author Irving Berlin
Arrangers Mattias Uneback
Publishers Imagem Music