Blood Tsunami artist

The crimson tide rise again! And this time it comes across as more ferocious and devastating than ever before! Blood Tsunami's new album "For Faen" shows a band that has stripped their metal to the bone. Harder, meaner, dirtier and way more aggressive! This album is a relentless sonic beating. Totally vicious and utterly dangerous! Blood Tsunami's previous offering "Grand Feast For Vultures" came out on NAP/Candlelight Records way back in 2009. After doing Mongo Ninja and other projects, in 2012, it was Blood Tsunami time again! "For Faen!" What the hell does that mean? Well, it is Norwegian! "Faen" is probably the most frequently used word in Norway and directly translated it means "Devil". It can also be used the same way as "Fuck" in English. "For Faen", directly translated, gives us the title "For The Devil" but it also means "For Fuck's Sake". The biggest difference between old and new Blood Tsunami is the punk attitude and short song structure, that guitarist and songwriter, Peter made a trademark of Mongo Ninja was brought along and incorporated in the new Blood Tsunami material. Long gone are the melodic Swedish influences and the NWOBHM riffs! The vocals have changed too. From the previous high pitch screaming back to Pete's more natural and raw voice. It brings in a new level of madness and aggression to the whirlwind of chaos that is already being performed. Grotesque stories about some of the worlds worst serial killers, detailed information about horrendous ancient torture methods, war crimes, mass murder and chemicals, addiction and rotten human skin. It's all in there... As Peter stated: - "I got fed up writing about fictional stuff. I find it way more shocking and scary to read true stories compared to some twisted fantasies. Twisted fantasies are scary when they become reality". All the brutality aside, some of the songs have a more positive aspect.... “Unholy Nights” is an ode to the Oslo Metal scene in general and in particular the bar named Unholy. Sadly the place closed down before this album was finished, but it's included here in all its glory as a reminder about the good times spent down there in the darkness. Another tribute is paid to the Brazilian band Grave Desecrator. Blood Tsunami is nothing but music fans and this is one cool way to honor one of the best band in South America. The album was recorded at Fias Co Prod Records by Sverre Dæhli (Audiopain) and at Midrange Recordings by Anders Henningsen (The Retardos). Mixed by Sverre Dæhli and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Front cover artwork by Christian Sloan Hall. Blood Tsunami is: Peter Michael Kolstad Vegen – Guitar and Vocals | Kristoffer “Dor” Sørsensen – Lead Guitar | Bård G. Eithun aka Faust – Drums Carl Thomas Janfalk - Bass