Saturnian artist

2011 saw the uprising of a new breed of Extreme Symphonic Metal. Saturnian are a 5 piece from the United Kingdom, proud of a country rich in metal history and ready to usher in a new age charged with its pedigree. Saturnian was formed around one main principle – to create epic and majestic music to enchant fans of all metal genres; delivered in a grand and dramatic style that could soundtrack a blockbuster movie or theatrical performance. Expect razor sharp riffing, fist pounding rhythms, and a symphonic backbone worthy of the far reaches of the Universe. In true portentous British style, a rich choral explosion, soaring sopranos, and ethereal Gregorian chant round out this massive sonic explosion. This ethos comes to life in the Saturnian live experience, which in itself is a theatrical spectacle rather than a generic recital of music. Saturnian breeds an eclectic blend of voices, stunning instrumental performances, and a visual experience that will amaze, mystify and inspire! During the short time that Saturnian have been touring the length and breadth of the UK they also won the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses competition. This takes the band to officially opening Bloodstock 2012! The pinnacle of this exciting year was the recording of Saturnian's debut album ‘DIMENSIONS’ with legendary producer Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Evile). This masterpiece that has nearly killed them all in its inception will see a release in August this year. This is just the beginning... ‘Dimensions’, although not strictly a concept album, does have a recurring theme, and the individual concepts within each song come together under one banner. ‘Dimensions’ is the transformation and ‘becoming’ of a human being, the discovery of power and vision within oneself, known only to a chosen few. The songs range in subject from dreams and astral projection, 4th dimensional theory, interstitial time, and hallucination; all culminating in the discovery of a greater power within. Lineup: Wilson – Visions & voices | Myk – Guitar & voices | Martin – Guitar & voices | Scrivener – Bass & voices | James – Synth | Sam – Drums