Lakei artist

Paranoid apocalyptic premonitions. Nuclear war. Massive environmental destruction and corrupt world leaders. Lakei from Bergen, Norway dwell in an angst filled and aggressive dimension; a world in collapse where oppressors feast on the gagged carcass of man. Dystopian nightmares materialize through a straggling offensive of towering bass lines, distorted barb wire guitar attacks and twisted, crass vocals. Imagine Amebix and Axegrinder dismembering Neurosis on an altar of early black metal, wrapped in shadowy post-hardcore, and you might get the gist of it. Lakei’s debut album «Konspirasjoner» was mixed and mastered in Gothenburg’s legendary Studio Fredman with the godfather of Swedish death metal Fredrik Nordström and brother-in-arms Henrik Udd pulling the strings. The result is an anti-utopian monster; modern but primitive, an earth-quivering slab of crushing anthems. The album’s intricate cover art was composed by Santiago Armengod, an artist who paints and draws his political motifs on everything from paper to canvas and wood. Santi has previously produced cover art for a number of bands in the Mexican underground, among them Antimaster and Nagaf. The characteristic band logo was delivered by Santos, a longstanding contributor to the graphics of Kylesa, High On Fire and Lamb Of God. «It was a simple choice, both with regards to studio and cover art», Drummer Arne says. «We needed someone who could build on our ideas, and add to our expression a suitable sound and visual style. The guys at Fredman have a natural feel and intuition, and an amazing track record. And Santi in Mexico is the same, plus he draws an amazing line». Indie Recordings picked up the band late 2011, and the group is now gearing up for their first live shows. Expect a slow, trailing storm of agitation when Lakei is presented on a stage near you! Their new album will be released on the 20th of April 2012!