Ribozyme artist

For over a decade Ribozyme has been a connoisseur’s choice and a frontrunner for the diversity and integrity of Norwegian rock and metal - a taste of the Michelin Guide. Ribozyme’s solid approach to their work has been evident from day one: refined soundscapes where every nuance is carefully painted out in wallwide tapestries of sophisticated rock. A continuous effort to evolve and congeal true identity has led Ribozyme to be compared to numerous giants of their genre. From Tool to Filter, from Nine Inch Nails to Sigur Rôs, although the distance to the above has never been greater. Ribozyme is truly a nation of its own, as evident by their fifth album: Presenting the Problem Once again Ribozyme continue to push boundaries and redefine the trio format, through a horizontal vision on songwriting and, in the words of lead singer and guitarist Kjartan Ericsson; ”combining power, precision and melody in an unpretentious way (…) when writing we’re always looking for the vibe or mood that is bigger than the riff itself” – a statement that their growing live audience continue to endorse. ”Presenting the Problem” is a modern rock/metal crossover featuring top of the line songwriting, a massive sonic experience in a 40 minute long standard-defining example of explosive intensity and musical macro vision with surgical precision, featuring guest appearances by world-renowned artists like Jørgen Munkeby of Shining and Fredrik Saroea of Datarock. Members: Kjartan Ericsson (lead singer and guitar), Bård Bøge (bass and synth) and Cato Olaisen (drums).