Riwen artist

We are sorry – Riwen fucked up. What started as a simple sideproject from Cult of Luna’s ADHD ridden genius Johannes Persson, just got a hell of a lot more complicated. His intentions were good: fuck big productions, long soundchecks and 15 minute songs. He wanted to make it simple, raw, fast. Hardcore the way it sounded back in the day, when giants like Judge, ACME, Damnation AD, Integrity and Battery roamed the scene. It worked on last year’s self-titled EP when it was yet in the early stages of just being a studio side project with some friends. But now? After a bunch of gigs and a proper, stable line-up consisting of hardened punkmetal veterans, each putting their own two cents into the mix? Fuck no. This ain’t no simple game no more. The debut album “The cold” consists of 12 tracks of complete and utter rawness. Be it fast and pummeling with a steady d-beat destroying your senses, or with a chugga-chugga crunching mosh breakdown, or haunting the chapels of thrash, or even the fucking doom ballad (!!!), it is in every sense of the word brutal. But simple? No.