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1st single from the next black metal masterpiece of Kampfar! The heathens of Kampfar give us yet another black metal masterpiece, following up the success of “Mare” and “Djevelmakt”. Norwegian Kampfar is one of the biggest and fastest growing, solid and raw black metal bands, with a strong reputation in the underground scene. Limited editions from previous album “Djevelmakt” sold out quickly! Great review on previous effort “Djevelmakt”: Album of the Month, 6/6 – Scream Magazine | 5/6 – Metallian 5/6 – VG (Norway’s biggest newspaper) | 12/15 – Legacy 6/7 – Metal Hammer GER “Original and powerful” 8/10 – Terrorizer “triumphantly energetic and powerful black metal generously lashed with folkish melodies and interludes, and ‘Djevelmakt’ provides another exemplary work by these veterans” Growing to become one of the best black metal live performances as shown on Inferno Metal Festival, Tons Of Rock, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault, Wacken and several concerts all over Europe. This is the fiercest and most intense recording of their career!
1. Icons 00:05:00
Main artist Kampfar
Composer Per-Joar Spydevold | Ole Hartvigsen | Jon Bakker | Ask Ty Arctander
Author Jon Bakker | Ask Ty Arctander | Ole Hartvigsen | Per-Joar Spydevold