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"Bad Phase" is the first single from Deathbed Reunion's coming debut album, to be released fall 2014. Deathbed Reunion started in the summer of 2010 and has since then released 2 EP's and toured the home country Norway. The band released "Obviously Late EP" in 2012 which received great reviews in Europe. They were features in Metal Hammer UK, Fuze Magazine and the Norwegian newspaper Natt&Dag that also gave Deathbed Reunion 'Stavangerprisen' (Prize of Stavanger) for the category "live performance of the year".
1. Bad Phase 00:02:53
Main artist Deathbed Reunion
Composer Kjartan Vagle | Emil André Thorsplass | Axel Gilje-Sørnes | Andreas Bru Eide
Author Andreas Bru Eide | Emil André Thorsplass | Axel Gilje-Sørnes | Kjartan Vagle