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“Glittertind will instantly make you want to eat meat off the bone, casually get into a drunken fight and possibly grow a huge beard as well” – Kerrang! 4/5! ”Glittertind understands that folk is first and foremost life affirming as opposed to hateful, morbid, anti-social, suicidal and racist. It is also simple and realistic - just like punk.” – Terrorizer 8/10! Glittertind is: Torbjørn Sandvik – Vocals, rhythm-guitar | Geirmund Simonsen – Accordion, effect-guitar, samples | Stefan Theofilakis – Flutes Olav Aasbø – Leadguitar | Bjørn Nordstoga Eide – Bass | Geir Holm – Drumms
1. Djevelsvart 00:03:34
Main artist Glittertind
Composer Geirmund Simonsen | Torbjørn Sandvik
Author Torbjørn Sandvik | Geirmund Simonsen