In Vain

Against the Grain SinglePurchased

First single from In Vain's upcoming album! • Norwegian progressive extreme metallers In Vain’s 3rd and strongest album to date! • Produced and mixed by Jens Bogren (OPETH, SOILWORK, BORKNAGAR +) • Special guest appearance by Lazare and Cornelius (SOLEFALD) • The past two albums “The Latter Rain” (2007) and “Mantra” (2010) received great reviews all over the world. • To tour Europe with SOLEFALD and VREID in April • Confirmed to Inferno festival in Oslo + several other gigs and festivals in 2013!
1. Against the Grain 00:07:06
Main artist In Vain
Composer Johnar Håland
Author Johnar Håland
Performers Johnar Håland | Andreas Frigstad | Kjetil Domaas Pedersen | Sindre Nedland | S. Reinhardtsen | K. Wikstøl