Blodig Alvor

Vår Resignasjon SinglePurchased

• The next band breaking out of the new Norwegian rock scene spearheaded by bands like Kvelertak, Man The Machetes, Blood Command and Oslo Ess • Catchy, punky and filled with elements of classic rock! • Supported SCORPIONS, OSLO ESS and KVELERTAK already • Norwegian Tour TBA soon! • Stunning artwork by Remi (OSLO ESS, etc.)
1. Vår Resignasjon 00:04:26
Main artist Blodig Alvor
Composer Erlend B. Andersen | Markus Den Ouden | Rune Marius Flaathe Farstad | Truls Ringstad
Author Markus Den Ouden
Performers Markus Den Ouden | Truls Ringstad | Rune Marius Flaathe Farstad | Erlend B. Andersen