Adjust To Darkness SinglePurchased

• 2nd single from the young Norwegians in Overthrow. • Heavy/Thrash Metal with catchy riffs, adrenalin filled drumming and aggressive vocals • Overthrow are the next band to be watched out for from Stavanger – home of KVELERTAK, PURIFIED IN BLOOD! • Produced by Matt Bayles (MASTODON, PURIFIED IN BLOOD, BOTCH, ISIS)
1. Adjust To Darkness 00:03:01
Main artist Overthrow
Composer Erlend Færevåg | Espen Kvaløy | Ole Gaard Varhaug | Tor Arne Håland
Author Ole Gaard Varhaug
Performers Espen Kvaløy | Ole Gaard Varhaug | Erlend Færevåg | Tor Arne Håland
Producers Ashley Stubbert