God Seed

This From The Past SinglePurchased

• TOP PRIORITY RELEASE FOR INDIE RECORDINGS! • First Full Length record from King and Gaahl together since 2007! • Limited DeLuxe Edition in a 6 page Digipack, embossed and Bonus Tracks! • A true Norwegian black metal release from some of the finest musicians in the metal scene! • Lineup feat. GAAHL, KING (ex-GORGOROTH), Geir (DIMMU BORGIR), Lost (GRIMFIST), Sir (TRELLDOM, DJERV) and Kenneth (MOTORPSYCHO) • Gaahl and King sold over 50k records in their Gorgoroth career • Full EU Tour w/ Cradle of Filth • Gaahl is featured in the movie “Flukt (Escape)” which starts in over 50 countries by the end of September • Advertising in ALL MAJOR MAGAZINES europewide • Ad-Campaign online
1. This From The Past 00:05:18
Main artist God Seed
Composer Tom Cato Visnes
Author Kristian Espedal
Performers Kristian Espedal | Tom Cato Visnes | Geir Bratland | Kenneth Kapstad | Sir | Lust Kilmann