Aura Noir

Abbadon SinglePurchased

• TOP PRIORITY FOR INDIE RECORDINGS • Unholy Black Thrash Metal attack from the ugliest band in the world! • “Out to Die” is their 5th release, 1st release on Indie Recordings! • Advance & Studio Stories in Terrorizer, Metal Hammer Germany and Norway! • Featuring Members from MAYHEM, VIRUS, IMMORTAL, DØDHEIMSGARD, AVA INFERI and CADAVER • Blasphemer is back! • Aura Noir is heavily influenced by early thrash bands such as SLAYER, SODOM and KREATOR • Several European Tours and performances at festivals like Inferno, Hole In The Sky and Maryland Death Fest • Two of the members change between 4 instruments
1. Abbadon 00:04:02
Main artist Aura Noir
Composer Ole Jørgen Moe | Rune Eriksen | Carl-Michael Eide
Author Dirge Rep
Performers Ole Jørgen Moe | Rune Eriksen | Carl-Michael Eide
Producers Aura Noir