Presenting the Problem SinglePurchased

SELLINGPOINTS • Ribozyme is a Norwegian rock band featuring progressive drum beats, emotionally strong guitars and an ever-changing vocal style! • Classified as dark but not gothic; angry, but not violent; sad, but not tearful, not hard, but still heavy. • Ribozyme is a nation of its own compared to NINE INCH NAILS, TOOL, SIGUR RÔS and FILTER. • Follow up to one of the best Norwegian albums of 2009 “March of Crime”! • Formed in 1998, this is their 5th Album, 1st for Indie Recordings • They played several European Tours and way over 120 shows in Norway • Their live shows have been described as a display of flame and fireworks! • Guest appearance from Jørgen Munkeby (SHINING) and Fredrik Saroea (DATAROCK).
1. Presenting the Problem 00:02:54
Main artist Ribozyme
Composer Kjartan Ericsson | Bård Bøge | Cato Olaisen
Author Kjartan Ericsson
Performers Kjartan Ericsson | Bård Bøge | Cato Olaisen
Producers Ribozyme | Rune Langhelle