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On V this is still their ground, but more than ever their brew has a flavour of the guitar based metal from mid 80`s to mid 90`s. The past illuminates Vreid`s present & future, and with the new album they are reunited with guitar maestro «Strom» from the Windir & Ulcus days (Former Guitarist Ese left the band late 2009). History is the lifeline through Vreid`s lyrics, and this time they are fuelled of thoughts by the likes of Hamsun, Munch & Sarte to name a few. Their nine darkest, heaviest and most complex songs to date are wrapped in a powerful & crystal clear production conducted by songwriter & bass player Hváll himself. All produced and mixed in his own 1184 studio. Vreid has marched across the world with over 200 shows since their start back in 2004, and will be hitting the road with full speed in 2011."
1. The Sound of The River 00:04:42
Main artist Vreid
Composer Vreid