Marianne Beate Kielland & Nils Anders Mortensen

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Berg, Webern, and Schönberg all inhabited a borderland between tonality and atonality. They are perhaps best known for their later works, in which each in his own way explored atonality’s many forms of expression. Yet the composers maintained their connection with the Romantic tradition. They remained lyrical. Music was to be felt, not thought about. Hearing these early songs is a unique testimony to this connection. This CD from LAWO Classics is entitled Früh because the works date from an early period in the career of each of the three composers. They are extraordinarily beautiful, like an early spring morning. A break with tonality is imminent, but the music is still firmly anchored in the tonal tradition. The songs, with their broad range of expression, have remained remarkably seldom-performed, and there are few recordings of the material. Thus it is all the more satisfying to be able to present Marianne Beate Kielland and Nils Anders Mortensen with this magnificent late Romantic repertoire. In 2011 their CD “Veslemøy synsk” received a Grammy nomination, the recording industry’s Oscar!