Frank Lauridsen artist

Frank Lauridsen is a Danish singer and musician. His career started as a 16-year-old in the band The Burtons. Shortly after he joined the more famous band, The Baronets, led by the Danish musician Lasse Helner. The Baronets became very popular, and even had the honor of warming up for big international names such as The Bee Gees, The Kinks, Procol Harum and The Who. In the 1970s, Frank was a member of the very successful band Midnight Sun, who managed to get a favorable mention in Rolling Stone Magazine! Later on Frank started the band The Franks, which toured the length and breadth of Denmark. For the past ten years, Frank has been working on his first solo album. 'How it feels to be Frank' is a dedication to rhythm & blues, soul music, country and it even contains a few rock ballads!