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• William Hut is back with new single" Racetrack" the third liftet from his new album "Hafnir Games", due out the 21st of October. • William Hut is known as one of the best voices in norwegian pop/ rock and is most famous for his no.1 hit "Take It Easy". • William hut has also made a comeback with his group Poor Rich Ones and their classics "Happy Happy" and norwegian Grammy winner " The Makers of Ozium" is out on vinyls for the very first time. • "Racetrack" is an uptempo William Hut tune with and harder more driven edge. it comes with a beautiful lyric video. • William is one of Norway most famous solo artist and has often been compared to Thom Yorke ( Radiohead ) and even Morten Harket ( A-ha) for his unique vocal style.
1. The Racetrack 00:03:26
Main artist William Hut
Composer William Hut
Author William Hut
Performers William Hut | Ole Gunnar Gundersen | Eliza Newman Geirsdottir
Producers Gisli Kristjansson | Ole Gunnar Gundersen